At we want to make sure that our software does as much possible to make sure your customers show up on time and keep coming back regularly. But we cant take all the credit, your great work is what really makes our software stand out.

I have been doing some research to see how to reduce you no-show appointments and have created a little summary of what I have learned.

Why is it important to reduce no shows as much as possible?

    • No-show customers represent lost revenue for your business.
    • No-show fees can scare your customers away.
    • Collecting no-show fees can be difficult & time-intensive
  1. Track no-show trends by creating timing codes
    • Create timing codes that specify when no-show appointment are cancelled and flag no-show customers
    • Timing codes help your business differentiate among customers who cancel appointments and gain insight into what may be the cause of the problem.
  2. Bridge the gap between the customer and the groomer
    • The longer customers have to wait, the more likely they are to cancel or not keep that appointment.
    • Consider adopting a more direct scheduling method that promote timely access to appointment times.
    • The concept of advanced scheduling involves reserving appointment slots with specific groomers to give the customer the association that a real person is depending on them coming in.
    • Research shows that these scheduling methods can lead to increased satisfaction for customer and groomers.
  3. Send automated appointment reminders
    • Always ask they customer for there preferred communication method (text is always best)
    • Take advantage of technology to send automated appointment reminders through the customers preferred method.
    • Optimize your reminders – Test your message by finding wording that works best.
  4. Require confirmations for long appointments
    • Requiring confirmations for long appointment can help your grooming business minimize no-shows for the high-value visits.
    • Take advantage of services that notify you of upcoming appointment confirmations statuses.
  5. Develop no-show policy/plan
    • Develop a policy for dismissing customers who continually miss appointments and include info in your customer notes.
    • Using the timing code, identify & flag customers who chronically miss appointment.
    • Minimize the potential disruption to customer flow by giving flagged customers the end of the day appointments or double-booking them or selecting non ideal times.

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