We all know a maltese and a labradoodle are not the same size and don’t have the same coat, therefore their price for a groom also isn’t the same. Did you know that groomer.io is smart enough to knows this? Watch to learn how to use variations to customize the same service to have different costs based on breeds. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

Answered Questions:

  • How do I create a new service?
  • Do I need to create a service for every kind of breed? NO! (use variations, please)
  • Can I have the same service with different prices based on breed?  Yes, with variations  
  • Can I see how many baths or any other kind of service I have on a given day? Yes, turn on “show on calendar” and create an abbreviation for your service. 
  • Can I have different variations for different facilities? Yes
  • Can I select multiple coats and sizes for my variation? Yes
  • How do I change a dog’s breed?
  • What if I disagree with the default size and coat for a breed? You can manually change this under the pet information screen
  • When scheduling, can I select a different variation option if I notice the dog should be more or less expensive? Yes
  • When scheduling, can I still adjust the price or the time duration once I choose a service? Yes