Dog treats for pups are treats for your customer.

In an ever competitive world of pet grooming boutiques, it’s important to personalize experiences for your customers. This will elevate your shop’s perception in customers’ minds. If you know Jessica’s malamute Poncho has arthritis (which is easy to remember by using “characteristics” in the pet’s profile), why not gift Jessica a few dog treats that can help alleviate Poncho’s pain? Jessica will immediately feel grateful and pick your shop the next time Poncho needs a groom. Treating everyone’s appointment as a unique opportunity to make the customer feel special should be your top priority. Here are a few DIY dog treats that have 5 or fewer ingredients so you can quickly make your clients smile like never before.

1. Minty Fresh Breath

This fresh recipe only calls for coconut oil and parsley! I bet you already have those ingredients in your pantry. For an extra minty fresh bite, you can add chopped mint and turmeric. The mold for these adorable paws can be found on Amazon for $12.

Find the full recipe at DIY dog mom.

(photo by DIY dog mom )

2. Flea Prevention

The world would be a better place without fleas on our pets. Amiright? Gift your clients flea prevention dog treats to help put this dream into motion. All you need is coconut oil for pets and brewers yeast. Brewers yeast has many health benefits for dogs. According to Haley at Health Starts in the Kitchen, “It is a source of B vitamins such as biotin, trace minerals such as zinc, proteins and amino acids.” Who wouldn’t want all of that?!

Find the full recipe at Health Starts in the Kitchen.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

To achieve the doggiliocous look of these biscuits you’ll need this $11 cookie cutter set from Amazon. This recipe is packed full of nutritious ingredients for dogs including turmeric and flax seeds. The anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients are great for treating arthritis and even cancer in dogs.

Find the full recipe at Proud Dog Mom

(photo by Proud Dog Mom)

4. Just for Tastiness

Every dog under the sun likes peanut butter. And since it’s October why not add a little pumpkin? Well, here is a peanut butter and pumpkin packed treat to include in every customer’s grab bag to give good memories to their pups. I just might have to make this recipe for myself…

Find the full recipe at Pinch of Yum

(photo by Pinch of Yum)

Let these recipes inspire you to give a more personalized and memorable experience for your lovely customers. (And have fun doing it)