Sometimes you will need to update pet information like adding notes or characteristics to the pet profile. Also, you may need to change phone numbers and addresses for a client. This video shows you how to edit both pet’s and client’s information.

Answered Questions:

  • How do I edit a pet once I add them to a client?
  • Where do I select a pet’s breed?
  • What are characteristics and how do groomers see them?
  • Can I add my own characteristic? Yes!
  • Can I add notes about a pet? Yes!
  • How are the coat and size chosen under pricing factors?
  • What kind of medical information can I select for pets?
  • Can I add vaccinations to a pet? Yes!
  • Can I add vet information? Yes!
  • How do I edit a client’s information?
  • Can I add notes to a client?
  • What if I have a customer identifier from a external point of sale system?
  • How do I delete a customer?