Get a Sticker

Get a window sticker for your shop or mobile van!

For a limited time only we are offering free stickers. The sticker can be placed on your shop window or van.

We love our users so much that we want to offer our stickers for free. wants to make this deal even sweeter. Once the sticker arrives post a photo of it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us and we will give you $10 credit towards your monthly bill! 

Want a sticker? Email us at

See our brand ambassador Katrina Short pictured above with her sticker!

Interested in learning a little bit more about Stickermule?

We have partnered up with Stickermule, our favorite sticker maker​! Stickermule creates custom kickass stickers, labels, magnets, and tape for your business.

Stickermule has created some new tools to make the process of creating stickers for your business seamless. We wanted to give Groomers some pro-tips to creating their own stickers. Trace allows the user to remove the background from any photo. Upscale allows users to scales images up to 2x their original resolution​, Redraw​ creates a scalable vector graphic from an uploaded image. Trace & Upscale are both free to use, Redraw is available for a small fee! How cool is that? 

These tools are available to anyone, with no additional Sticker Mule purchases required. Stickermule’s motto is keeping things fast, simple, and fun!