New iOS update (version: 2.25) has made it even easier to help manage your business. We have been receiving amazing feedback from all our users and are excited to show them to you. Here are just a few highlights:

Slot Scheduling

This feature, if set up, will allow to help find the most ideal appointment times. This will ensure that each groomer on each day will be scheduled to full capacity to help avoid over booking and empty spots. Time is money and we are here to help you save time and make more money.

Appointment Availability

This feature allows you to easily see what percentage of each groomers day is already scheduled. You can see with just a glance that a groomer can handle 8 grooming appointments and only has 6 scheduled giving you the opportunity to effectively schedule two more appointments with out accidentally over booking them.

Number Types

The redesigned phone number selector allows you to quickly change customer contact numbers and phone type to effortlessly correct wrong information.

Detail Appointment Logs

You can now get detailed information for all appointment including check in out times, created at dates, and status and much more.

Scheduled By

We now keep track which user is scheduling the appointments. If you have multiple users per device we offer an employee selector after scheduling the appointment to help keep track.

Time Stamps on Chat

All messages on the chat screen display the time stamp of the message. This helps when deciding if enough time has passed to contact the customer again.

All New Receipt Status Screen

This new screen allows you to easily see all canceled, and confirmed appointment as well as keep track of customer who have not yet responded to the reminder with the ability to resend reminders.

Custom Sort Order for Services

We now support the ability to rearrange the way services display on the service list. Now you can have all your most commonly used services up top. No need to scroll through dozens of unused services.

Pet Size Count

The bulk scheduling style now displays a number of each size pet for each day. This allows you to quickly see that even though you don’t have the max number of pets scheduled for a day, you can tell that more the half are extra large breeds and require more time. This will help prevent over booking each groomer.

Much Much More

Performance improvements and bug fixes are happening every day to help make the number 1 grooming software in the world. With your support and feed back we have no doubt that our goal of being in every groom shop in the world will be reached.

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