Thanks to our customers’ feedback we have three new exciting updates in version 2.26. If you ever have a feature request let your voices be heard and call tech support 818-879-1009

Mark Day as Full

Now you can schedule even quicker by marking an entire day as “FULL,” eliminating the need to click each day just to realize the whole day is not available. Yay for more groom time and less hassle! (This feature is currently only available when the bulk scheduling option is selected in preferences.)

How to enable this feature:

Select a day in the month calendar screen> Select MORE in the top right corner > Select MARK DAY AS FULL

Require a Groomer when Scheduling

This feature is just as it sounds. You now have the option to make it mandatory for a groomer to be selected when scheduling an appointment. No more forgetting to select a groomer and come groom day having confused heads turn looking for the one responsible to groom Mr. Fluffs. (This feature is also only available in bulk scheduling.)

**In order to enable this feature, your admin must call our friendly tech-support 818-879-1009

Schedule a One Time Employee on Day View

Ever have an employee come in from a different location just for one day? Or have an employee come in on Tuesday instead of their normally scheduled shift on Wednesday? You can now add an employee quickly and easily from the day view screen instead of going into the dusty depths of the preferences. Saving a couple clicks can add up in your busy schedule! (Again, only available for bulk scheduling.)

How to use this feature:

On day view select MORE on top right corner> Select SCHEDULE GROOMER> Select one of your hardworking groomers to start their shift > Select DONE

Thanks again for your recommendations! We love to improve our software so you can improve your workflow!