Version 2.27 fixes some bugs that customers reported. Thanks for helping us get rid of those fluttering moths.

Bug Fix 1:

We fixed an issue where adding a new service in the Manage > Services section would not appear in the correct order when actually scheduling a client.

Bug Fix 2:

On the confirmation screen we fixed a bug where Confirmed At said “null” and changed it to “manually confirmed.”

Bug Fix 3:

We fixed a bug where chatting from the confirmation summary screen would not work simply because it did not recognize a mobile phone number. Chatting with customers is such a quick and easy way to communicate with customers so it is very valuable that is was fixed!

In addition to bug fixes, we also made minor updates to our software that customers recommended.

Update 1:

On the confirmation summary screen it now says the pet name along with the owner. Who knows who Steve Miller is but Miss Princess is hard to forget. This helps you quickly identify who is messaging you.

Update 2:

The “No Response” badge that would pop up after you sent a message and never received a response now alerts you after 4 hours instead of the 30 minute default. Hopefully, this update will result in less annoying red alerts distracting you from grooming!

Update 3:

The “time working” duration in appointment details is now rounded to one decimal place instead of saying time working .333 it now says .3, because who is really that specific anyway?

Thanks to our customers for another great version update!