Believe it or not, a lot of the money generating magic that does is actually after the customer leaves your shop. When a customer comes to pick up their fur-babies is just the beginning. does a lot on the back end to make sure your customers not only are happy but keep them coming back for more, and most importantly, more frequently than before.

After a customer is checked out you will be presented an extremely powerfully screen we call the post check-out. The post check-out screen gives you the power to do the following:

  • Scheduling a customer again
    If detects that a customer does not have any future appointments after being checked out you are prompted two options. The first option is to reschedule them in X weeks and the second option is to let automatically contact the customer in X weeks letting them know that the pets are due for an appointment with a URL to request an appointment online.
  • Edit already scheduled future appointments
    If detects that a customer already has a future appointment then you will have the ability to edit the appointment if needed or resend all the appointment details to the customers’ cell phone.
  • Renew recurring appointments
    Since recurring appointments schedule for only one year in advance. When the recurring appointments are set to expire soon you will be prompted to renew for another year.
  • Send email receipts
    The post check out screen is a great place to get the last bit of customer information. Having a customers email on file if great to easily send receipt as well as email marketing for upcoming promotions.
  • Customer reviews (coming soon)
    Emailing customers about the most recent appointment is a great way to receive customer satisfaction information. Customer will have the ability to review the services, groomer and overall experience.
  • Online marketing (coming soon) helps the customer post any positive reviews on facebook, google and yelp. Real reviews from real customers are one of the best ways to build customer trust. makes sure that good reviews get push to online marketing and bad reviews are correctly dealt with internally.

The post check out screen is a very powerful tool when it comes to making sure your customers are happy and keep coming back for many more appointments.

Anytime you feel that the software can be improved we are always excited to hear about it.

Please call or email us to let us know how we can improve the software.