New Feature – Pre Pay now allows you to easily mark an appointment as Pre-Pay.

We have received many requests to add the ability to accept payment upon dropping off a pet.

Many times the person who picks up the pets is not the one who is paying for the grooming.

How to mark an appointment at Pre-Pay:

Before checking in a customer on the Today screen, you can tap and hold the customer cell until the new Pre-Pay screen is presented.

New Feature – Follow-Up Notes

We have added the ability to add a special section for each appointment called Follow-Up Notes.

Follow-Up Notes are designed to alert the user when checking out a customer when they are picking up their pet.

This new Follow-Up alert displays on the check out screen and is designed to alert the customer about anything involving the appointment.

Follow-Up Notes are different than appointment notes because appointment notes are specific as to what the groomer performed and notes to assist the next time the pet is groomed verses notifying the customer about an issue about their pet that they need to be informed about.

How to add Follow-Up Notes:

A new section has been added below appointment notes called Follow-Up Notes. Any notes that are added to this section will display on the check out screen.

Anytime you feel that the software can be improved we are always excited to hear about it.

Please call or email us to let us know how we can improve the software.