Backup Exposé – Introducing Automatic Backups!

Cloud-Based Systems

There has been an unsettled debate regarding the reliability of cloud-based applications. People have complaints about these solutions when it comes to their businesses. “What if the power goes out?” you may ask or better yet “What if I lose internet connectivity?” In the meantime, many believe cloud-based software is much safer on the cloud. For instance, your computer could break or worse, get lost or stolen and all your data would be gone! is a cloud-based solution and we believe strongly in its benefits. Although, we also felt the argument against cloud-based applications was compelling. So we are putting an end to the debate!

New Automatic Backups Feature

We’ve built a brand new feature into, so you can have the peace of mind of traditional applications, and convenience of cloud applications.

How it works: will automatically create a file every morning listing everything you need to get through your day in the event of an internet outage. All your devices will automatically download this file in the morning ensuring you will have a local copy for you to print, share to a desktop computer or view on your iOS device.

How to view backup:

tap on the more tab → backups → export. From here you can print, share with another device etc.

** Every time you open the application for the first time in the day, a notification will drop down from the top of the screen letting you know the backup was complete.
Now you can use the software without fear of a faulty internet connection disconnecting you from your grooming business.