Ready for pickup phone call.

Sending a text is too easy. Such an important message deserves a much more personal touch.

Record your own voice once and send it to your clients when their pet is ready.

Does this cost extra?


What phone number is used?

The phone number on their caller ID will be your shop’s phone number so they will know who it is.

What if they don’t answer?

A voicemail will be left and an SMS message is sent.

Unlimited SMS messages.

Never worry if your pet parent has an app installed or is on your website.

You can send direct sms messages from a real phone number directly to their phone. Like you’re BFFs.

Is it really unlimited?

We’re as loyal as man’s best friend. We mean it.

What phone number do I use?

You’ll receive a phone number from us that is totally separate from your personal cell.

Will clients have my personal phone number?

Absolutely not, unless you choose to give it out... weirdo.

A booking style for everyone.

Some people like to see blocks, others like maps, and even some like slots. We have every style but doggie.

Slots are geared towards the fast-paced busy shop. Make sure you don’t overbook a groomer at a specific time. This works really well with online booking.

Blocks are good for customers that like to visualize appointment times, durations, and have lots of pet photos.

Maps are specialized for mobile groomers helping you schedule efficiently.

Can I switch between different styles?

Absolutely, in fact it’s one tap away at any time.

Can I use block or slot scheduling even if I’m a mobile groomer?

Yes. And we think you will find it a great compliment to your map!

Start growing your grooming business for free.

All features, no credit card needed.

Mass Messaging - Chat with all your pups at once!

Bark out loud, let all your clients hear what you have to say, or just a select few. You choose. In fact, clients that use mass messaging for marketing purposes see an average of $400 in new bookings.

That is something to bark about.

Is this only for marketing?

No, we have clients that use this feature just to notify clients of building construction during the weekend.

Is there a limit on how many I can send?

You are only limited by the pet parents you have.

Online booking.

For hair salon businesses this is easy, for dog grooming shops, it’s ruff. We’ve done the hard work.

Ensure employees are scheduled for their qualified services. We’ll ensure bathers are set for baths and groomers and grooms. All appointments are pending approval, so clients never overbook.

What if this sounds like a terrible idea to me?

Many groomers say the same thing, and we know it can be frustrating having a doodle scheduled at the last hour of the day. That’s why we built schedule request forms.

What if clients book a day I’m closed? offers many ways to create black out days so this never occurs.

What type of pet do you have?
What is Ted’s breed?

For mixed breed, select multiple breeds.

Turkish Angora
British shorthair
How would you describe Diego’s behavior?