Tailored and optimized for your grooming business

Groomer.io has loads of features that help make your pet grooming business more successful. We’ve identified the needs of professional groomers like you and incorporated handy tools in Groomer.io that put your business’s best foot forward and help you operate so much more efficiently.

There are tons of additional features that make your business run more smoothly and take your professionalism to the next level.

No Hidden Fees

No Limit On Number Customers Or Employees

No Limit To Phone Calls or SMS Messages

Fast and Easy Check Out

Full Tech Support

Multiple Pets Per Appointment

Customized Breed Pricing

Perfect For Mobile Groomers

Pet Location Identifier

Detailed Record Keeping

Benefits of Groomer.io

Packed with time-saving features, Groomer.io helps you get the most out of your grooming business through automation, communication, and tiered pricing.

Only Pay When You Get Paid

Never Pay More Than 69 Cents per Checked-In Customer

Groom More, Save More

Discounts For High Volume Groomers (see Pricing below)

Make The Most Of Existing Relationships

Automated Six Week Comeback Reminders

Keep Your Clients In The Know

Automated SMS Notifications Alert Clients When Their Pet (or Pets!) Is Ready.

Never Lose Client Records

Automatic daily backups keep your contacts and schedules accessible despite internet failures


What Groomers Are Saying About Groomer.io



Make More Of Your Time
Manager everything from bookings, pricing, and even driving directions to and from appointments. All without having to leave your Groomer.io app.
Personalize Communication With Your Customers
Groomer.io makes it easy to stay engaged your customers with built-in SMS text messaging, customer portfolios, and live chat
Increase Customer Loyalty
Create personalized customer portfolios with notes from each appointment, associated invoices, and so much more.
Get Paid
Square and Lightspeed integrations make it easy to collect payments on the fly and from anywhere.

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