Any time a customer schedules and confirms an appointment with you is a contract that needs to be honored. The issue is that your customer does not understand the ramification that happens when they don’t show up.

The best way to put it is “time = money” if somebody waists your “time” they are directly costing you money. Anytime a table is empty due to a confirmed customer not showing up you are losing money. Most of the time you do not have enough notice to fill in that spot.

We want to make sure that this never happens, and the few times it does we want to make sure that you are correctly notified of this customers behavior. The new No Show feature will notify you when you are scheduling a customer the status of there last appointment.

You will now know if the customer was a no-show 6 weeks back allowing you to easily add your no-show policy of an extra fee or less desirable appointment times.