Do your client’s dogs ever display anxiety when it’s time for them to pick up?

Do you experience problems with your clients picking up on time?

Does checking out become a hassle and take longer than expected? is designing a state of the art pre-pay feature to solve these problems!

By using the pre-pay feature groomers will be able to 

  • Check out faster!
  • Create a better environment for the pet
  • Allows the pet parent to pick up in a timely manner
  • Allow an option to prepay tips on a card or in cash

The client will now be able to inform the groomer when they are on their way! No more waiting around wondering if they got your text or phone call.

Clients will be able to pre-pay using Square or Stripe.

If your business isn’t using Square we can set you up with a Stripe account free and easily!

If your business is already using Square then payment will be processed like normal and will be transferred to your bank account.

If you are currently using square then the money processed from pay ahead will get transferred to your bank like normal.

By signing up with Stripe through, you will be able to select the bank account of your choice and payment will be transferred there.


  • Square & Stripe charge 2.9% + 30¢ per transactions.
  • Currently Square charges 2.6% + 10¢, for in-person transactions, so that in mind.
  • will have a small transaction fee of $2.30.
  • This small fee can be paid by your customer, the business, or split between the two.
  • Your grooming business could even increase the fee to create profit for your business.
  • will collect our fees daily. will be designing this and releasing pictures to follow! is looking forward to creating a better environment for business owners, pet parents, groomers, and pets alike!

We’d love to hear feedback on how we can improve this Pre-pay feature! Please comment to us on Facebook and Instagram.