Good news! A brand new customer is calling for a grooming appointment. It’s important to land the sale by easily scheduling them with a natural flow. This is your first impression to display your professionalism. You don’t want to ask them a bunch of questions just to schedule them like you’d have to in other software. All they want is an appointment, not a job interview.

This video shows you how to efficiently create a new client, create their pets, and schedule them in a seamless flow. Your new client will appreciate the streamlined process. We designed the steps to help you save time so you can groom more!

Answered Questions:

  • How do I create a new client?
  • How do I add pets to a client?
  • How do I schedule a client?
  • Can I schedule multiple pets at once? Yes!
  • How do I add a breed to a client’s pet?
  • Can I select multiple breeds for a pet? Yes!
  • When scheduling, can I select a different variation option if I notice the dog should be more or less expensive? Yes
  • When scheduling, can I still adjust the price or the time duration once I choose a service? Yes
  • How do I delete a service I added?
  • What is the importance of selecting the estimated duration? In block scheduling, it determines the size of the block so you can visually see how many grooms you can accept in a given day.
  • Can I schedule two pets to arrive at the same time? Yes!
  • Can I schedule two pets but with different groomers? Yes!
  • Can I schedule two pets to come at different times? Yes!
  • Can I make an appointment recurring? Yes!
  • How do I send a confirmation text to my client?
  • I’m a mobile groomer, how do I add an address for a client?